0 - 38 METERS

Vous êtes à l’aise dans la zone des 30 mètres, vous souhaitez améliorer vos techniques et pouvoir encadrer une session avec un instructeur.

This course is made for you !

It is the last step to acquire all the knowledge necessary to go underneath the 30 meters barrier.

Nous parlerons notamment d’étirements, de FRC, de mouthfill, de volume résiduel…

Vous aurez la possibilité par la suite de vous entraîner régulièrement sans limite de profondeur.

At the end of the course, you should be able to hold your breath for about 3.30 minutes, swim 70 meters underwater with fins and dive to a depth of 32 meters.


2 sessions en milieu protégé

  • Meeting point at school.
  • Theory and relaxation
  • Stretching
  • Training table and warm-up
  • Static apnea
  • Dynamic apnea

4 Deep sessions

  • Theory
  • Warm-up and specific stretching for the breathing muscles
  • Free immersion and constant weight descent (max 0-40m)
  • Compensation techniques : Frenzel, mouthfill..
  • Freediving techniques
  • Freefall
  • Max performance
  • Theory test
apnée découverte initiation



  • 3 jours et 2 demi-journées
  • Lunch break (meal not included)
  • Drinks and snacks
  • Equipment (fins, mask, snorkel, wetsuit)
  • AIDA 4 or pool AIDA4 certification fee


Accessible over 16 years old ( with the written consentment of both parents or the legal person(s) responsable for the teenage).

Be AIDA3 certified or pass one day of evaluation if you have the equivalent level from another organization.

Hold a first response rescue diploma including CPR and Medical Oxygen use.

Fill the doc attached: